My name is Fazza. I am the self-proclaimed lead singer of the ultra-funk band B-Traq. I also write these words. I am the chap in the middle with the hat on our cover picture for those of you that like to put a face to things.

You may find the subject matter of the prose a little on the obscure side at times. There is however a thread that runs through them and there is a purpose that can be found. I have coined this writing ‘comedic activistic vignettes’. Now a vignette is not something you put on a salad with olive oil, it is in fact a short descriptive literary sketch. And mine are just that.

I ask only of the reader not to be overly concerned with the unwritten yet formal rules of traditional writing but rather to step into the pieces with ‘child mind’ as the Zen guys put it. That is to let it seep into the unconscious like a boiled soup on an old Persian rug. There may be occasion where the form of beginning, middle and end will not seem immediately apparent, but do not fret as the meaning will appear to you in an almost magical way as you just allow the words to flow through you but not on to you.

Thank you and enjoy.

To know more about us and listen to our music goto www.btraqband.com


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