The anatomy of a cartoon.

I have a confession to make. The title was made to bring you here and read this . I will not be actually dissecting the cartoon as advertised. I will still be talking about cartoons though but not in the anatomical sense of the word. And more so about the comic strip.

There are those rare comic strips that don’t need words at all, like the adjacent onehere. Clearly the implied joke here is that the 2 boys have come to the field without discussing what they are going to play first. A rather dull joke but somewhat witty none the less.


I have taken the liberty to add in my own catch line :

Mmmm. also not so great, I guess that’s why I am a musician.

Anyhow , comic strips are an interesting link to our child side – they are the cartoons of the adult. They appeal to the funny as well as to the sophisticated parts within us.

Like for example the following :

Great toon this- also the expression on the smokers face in the 2nd panel allures to something a little more sinister , that just maybe he wished for the demise of our irritating friend. And in the comic world this is all too possible,or as Mr R kelly put it:

I believe I can fly


Of course you can fly Mr. Kelly, you have access to some of the most expensive hallucinogenics that hard-earned cash can buy. The rest of us will just have to live our fantasies through good old fashion comic strips!

And now for the grande finale- I have written a comic strip,  a very humble drawing I might add, but there is a bigger concern for me with regards this particular piece. You see no one I have shown it to has ‘gotten’ the joke unless I explain it to them. So what I’m going to do is this: I will present the strip now, if you get it without explanation , you have a deep and complex sense of humour and I like you. If you don’t get it, be not dismayed for I have a brief explanation at the bottom of the page, and I just don’t think we should try be friends, unless we already are . Well, here it goes:

Nu? so? did you get it?????

If not here is an explanation: When someone breaks up with a partner, usually a good friend will say ” Forget about her, there are lots of fish in the ocean” Now what happens when fish break up- ahhhh- now you get it…..

Ok, that concludes this anatomy lesson and I would like to end off with a friend of mine’s comic strip- as he is a real comic guy . Thumbs up Nim, Enjoy:



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