The shape of our times.

I would like to propose to you a theory.

For some reason that is certainly beyond me, we as a people like to think of ourselves as living in the worst time in all history. Now it is true that through the wonderous world of media , we are exposed to just about every crazy,wild, distorted little thing that goes on around this spinning globe. And yes, there are more people than ever doing these mad things. And therefore it does look pretty rough.

I am not going to get into the hairy details of just how messed up our times are, as much as I am sure you would like me to. I am rather going to explain my theory. By the way , I think everyone should have at least one theory to bounce around. Just a little philosophical gabble that one keeps on hand and pulls out at drinks parties and awkward meeting in long bank queues.

So, is this in fact the worst time in history? To answer this question properly , we need to look at the state of man’s ethical and conscious existence before we look at the state of the physical planet. Now here I think it is fairly obvious that man has had a rather dodgy past and that in general we have been a bunch of war mongering, child sacrificing, genociding, world manipulating , power tripping, land grabbing schmohawks!

Or as Micheal Jackson put it :

If they say, Why, why,

tell ’em that it’s human nature

Now I don’t usually look to Mr. Jackson to enlighten me on the worlds existential crisis but I feel he makes a strong point here. It seems that as a rule, man as a group displays certain natural traits which are not always angelic in their nature. And certainly these traits are seen in our history. And we certainly see them in our times, so what makes us think that these are the ‘worst’ times? Bulk, that’s what! BULK! Bulk like a supersize me burger from Miccie D’s- Bulk like an ocean of plastic known as the The great Plastic Vortex .

Ok, so now that that’s out the way and we can all freak the f&*k out for a while, lets try move right along.

So what I am trying to say is that we are now doing stuff on a massive scale! Bombs are frikkin big, etc,etc.. Why?

Here we reach the so called nub of my theory, the why! and why indeed? Why are things so big and globally devastating now? Is it because we are the worst people we have ever been, the worst monsters we have ever seen? I say NO! It’s precisely the opposite. We are in fact the best ‘people’ we have ever been. We are the most conscious and evolved in our ethical, moral, liberal, political spheres than we have ever been and therefore we have the best opportunity to shape our times the way we would like them to be. The planet has upped the game though and we need to step up and start living in this world the way we know is possible.

It’s all out in the open now, soon you won’t be able to fart without their being a webcam and a facebook update on your accidental flatulence.

We know what is going on and we know what is right and that is a good combo!



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