Be yourself!

“Be yourself, because everyone else is taken”

It is words like these that lead me to believe I may be prone to large amounts of violence. And you may ask me why. The answer is more simply felt than expressed, but I will endeavour to tell you anyway.

Really it is a harmless beautiful statement, is it not? And shouldn’t we all just be ourselves anyway ?

Firstly I would like to offer up a problem with the statement ‘ because everyone else is taken’ . I would venture to say that this is just not true ! Not everyone else is taken. Let me explain, I am sure you have heard the expression ‘He is half the man he used to be’. Well, here we go, this man who is only half the man he used to be is clearly not fully taken , he is in fact only half taken and the other half is available for anyone else to take – and in so doing they are not themselves anymore but half the other man who is only half himself as well!

And another thing, schizophrenia, yes we have all heard of that strange condition known as multiple personality disorder (MPD) where someone can literally switch personalities. Here too is a case where if the person was not using a personality, then it would not be ‘taken’ and it would be up for grabs. Here I will use an example as an example:

Lets say we have Ralph who suffers from MPD – now Ralph has 2 other personas, Suzie and Mpho. He also has a good friend Jill who sadly also suffers from MPD, she too has 2 other personas, Guido and Fluffy. Are you with me?

Now lets say Ralph is going through a phase where he thinks he is Suzie, then Ralph would be free, right? Now if Jill is Fluffy, then Guido, who is free, can take Mpho , who is also free , and Jill can then take Ralph who is Suzie and a complete swop could happen if Fluffy reverts to Jill but tries on Mpho for a while, while Ralph is going through a self realisation phase as himself but yet only half the man he used to be.

This example proves very clearly that not everyone else is in fact taken. And therefore this is not a good reason to be yourself.

Now lets take a look at being one’s self. It’s not that great really is it. A bit boring I might even say. Years and years really just being the same person. No self-respecting MPD patient would stick to one personality for more than a couple of months. But look at us, trudging along as the same dude ( or dudette) day in day out. It gets a bit much.

Do not get me wrong, I don’t propose that we start a ‘ hug the local schizo’ fan club. But what I am wanting you to consider is that when the urge calls you, when that bug starts to bite, when the inch is too strong and you feel you really must say to someone the following phrase :

“Be yourself, because everyone else is taken”

Please consider deeply the words you are using and rather say something like this :

” I have a deep need to pop-psychologise you but I will spare you that and rather say – Hi , How you doing today? “



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