Abstract George

I am a man decidedly rooted in the abstract. I live more comfortably in the realm of concepts and analogy than in our so-called reality.

I find a simple trip to the bank to be much stranger than imagining a naked chicken twirling its way through a black hole on a quest to find a cosmic turkey it has fallen in love with.

I prefer poetry to polygamy. Whatever the hell that means.

I prefer driving in the rain with no wipers, as the water creates a mottled landscape on the windscreen that seems clearer to me than the road ahead.

The fact is that since a rather young age – reality actually scared the hell out of me. An afternoon at the mall could easily be equated with one of those brain operations where they keep you awake and ask you questions while they prod certain spots on your noggin.

And don’t get me started on confrontation.

The abstract man or rather let me call him Abstract George after that cute monkey guy Curios George, any way the Abstract George does not take well to confrontation. You see confronting a person means that one has to accept and concretise reality in a very real way. One has to be very clear on what the real situation is and then confront it head on. This is by far the most anxiety provoking and scariest task of the Abstractor.

I am far more comfortable in a world where metaphor is the holy grail.

Even on an emotional level, I can conceptualise and construct the emotion that seems to fit a certain situation, but ask me to define my feeling at this moment and I will draw a blank.

And is it not the world of the artist that does love this non-real space ? Yes, in this world , those that disconnect are then most connected. And here is where I let my proverbial hair down, because those that know me will testify that my hair is very proverbial. Here is where my lyrics meet my stretchy thoughts. And the best example is in our song called ‘Blue’ – check it out : http://www.btraqband.com/





8 thoughts on “Abstract George

  1. Ok, this explains a lot, Fazza. As a woman who spends most of her time in the realm of concrete reality – I can stop sweating over trying to understand your lyrics. You think and write like a Four. I am a Two, so I’ll never be able to grasp them. Thanks for sharing. I am relieved.

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