Are we braindead?

Are we braindead?


But the real question is should we be braindead?

And I answer the same again:


Have I sparked an interest in that grey world we call the mind?

You see I have a theory- in fact it’s mostly not even mine- but I have it anyway and it goes a little something like this.

‘”But we’re never gonna survive, unless We get a little crazy …” These are the complexed words that Seal sang in that effervescent song ‘Crazy’ . But just what did he mean? I decided not to ask him as I believe people with excessive scarring should not be consulted on intellectual matters. But that’s just my craziness , isn’t it?

Seal was alluding to or I dare even say connecting to a rather deep psychological, physiological and emotionalogical (BTW that’s my word) concept that sanity is not all it is cracked up to be. Let me elaborate on this a little- the sanity of pure reason i.e. reason that is based solely on knowledge and principles is highly problematic. If we think only with our brains we are in deep kaka!!

So when these ‘pop’ songs ask us to enter into the realm of craziness , what they are really saying is make yourself a little braindead and then you can become more heart and body alive!

You see , feelings are a type of intelligence, body feelings, heart feelings. Hearing a drum resonate through your gut and connecting to it is an experience of wisdom. And so is communing with your emotions. But most times the mind needs to step back a bit so the other voices inside can be heard. Yes, we need to become a little braindead, a little crazy.

I grew up as the prodigal descendant of the Eastern European Jewish Male – a strange beast that’s chief response to emotions is to shut off and run away! I was taught many techniques in the absolute avoidance of real feelings and the ultimate lauding of the mind and its aberrant ways. I used to think crying was only done around onions and that ignoring an emotional problem is the only legitimate alternative.

Boy, was I wrong. Or rather- Man, was I wrong! I have started emerging from that heady shell like a hermit crab that realises its time to make some friends. And it’s not easy! The heart is a vulnerable space , the body is a scary one- but that is where life really lies.

On paper , the world is largely stuffed, but in the heart it is vibrating and transforming all the time- that is where I want to be and that is where I’m headed. Wanna come along?


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