My mouth shoots faster than my brain!

Confession: I have a loose tongue!

Yes, my tongue has been known to flap around and say things that my mind only realises much too late. It’s like my tongue has its own thing going on, separate from the hustle and bustle of my actual life.

And on that fateful thursday as our band made its way to an auspicious venue in Honeydew to play our music at the Inspired Teachers conference, no one suspected that my tongue had his own plans!

I think it was my childhood, Yes, that’s it! I remember now- As a child we just say anything we want , without a 2nd thought. Well I guess I never really got over that phase.

” Teaching is a great profession, and I commend you all, it’s just something that I would NEVER do myself of course…….” These were the inspiring words that I delivered during our gig at The Inspired Teachers Conference. The moment my mouth shot these terrible words off their was no turning back. The statement was followed by complete silence and shock . Makati , our bassist, delivered a rather sheepish, nervous laugh that rung out in the hall like a judge’s verdict.

I froze! Maybe it was that conflicted relationship with my grade 8 english teacher, Mrs. White who would not and I suppose could not return my adolescent love. Or maybe it was my anger towards Mr . Brown , the vice head who caned me for having my hair slightly over the collar. If only he could see my shiny pate now , he would have had more compassion. Whatever it was, my tongue betrayed me  like a fevered Banshee – and I was left helpless.

I look around, the teachers are staring at me as if I left my Math work at home.

There is only one thing to do, we proceed to play one of our strongest, funkiest songs, Blue. The song can penetrate even the deepest  tension. Feet start tapping , head start slowly bopping. Math homework is forgotten. A History teacher (that’s how he looked) in the back with bright orange suspenders, stood up and did a dance that looked like a mix of the foxtrot and hip-hop.

Smiles start breaking out and judging by the tweets and FB comments, we were a hit!


When will my tongue strike again, what new victim is waiting unsuspecting to be struck by my evil appendage?

I just do not know and I take no responsibility!


4 thoughts on “My mouth shoots faster than my brain!

  1. You’re completely weird and dangerous. Which one is you in that photograph at the top? The big, black hairy dude, the cute chick or the funny looking guy with the Leonard Cohen hat in the middle?

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