The Battle and the Buble

The world of pushing a band is a dark and sticky one. B-Traq has been together for about 3 years, if my war-torn memory serves me correctly. And let me not mince my words (I hate mince anyway) when I say that it has been a battle. A big bad beautiful battle! And who is the enemy? Buble!

Now you may be wondering why this innocent smooth voiced bubbly Buble could be an enemy to anyone? I think even the Mormons like him! You see, I personally have nothing against the chap but the boisterous bubble that is Buble represents everything that my band is NOT!

He is smooth, smoother than a monkeys bum after a long slide down a gum tree!

We are rough! Rough and crunchy. We hit the funk spot like a ton of grainy bricks. The only smooth thing about us is the odd shaven head here and there. We are like orgasmic sandpaper rubbing tunes into your tympanic membranes (ear drums to the non-medically trained)!

And another thing, it has recently come to my attention that there are some out there that think this belligerent Buble boykie is better looking than me!! The shock , the horror. I have prepared this special comparison picture to finally clear this craziness up. Take a look and judge for yourself:

Come on, there’s no competition-just look at that mustache!

Anyway, this brings me to my final point which is that due to our clear musical and stylistic superiority over the bombastic brandish Buble – we have made it our battle to be bigger, better, brasher , bolder, broader and buffer that the bodacious Buble, and we gonna do it this year!

So watch out Buble , just don’t book a concert on the same night we are playing cause rough can make smooth rough, but smooth can’t make rough smooth – if you know what I mean!











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